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What does 437737 mean?

437737 is a code number for the sexually transmitted disease herpes.

People with the disease can add the number to their online dating profiles or ads to discreetly inform others that they have the disease, particularly those who also have it.

Having an STD, it is already difficult enough to find a partner, but this code number allows people with the same disease to find each other without the judgement from others that do not have it.

This is due to the fact that mainly only people with herpes knows that “437737” is its code number.

The disease is not curable, but with medication it can be kept in check.

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What's the origin of 437737?

If you compare the numbers of the code to an old mobile phone with buttons, each letter of “herpes” will be found on the button with the corresponding number of the code (“H” is found on letter 4, “E” is found on letter 3 etc.)

The code was created to avoid further spread of the STD to healthy people, and rather let those who already have the disease find each other.

Spread and Usage

How did 437737 spread?

Online, you can find dating sites exclusively for people with herpes, such as Positive Singles.

Some self help sites encourage you to embrace yourself, and works toward ending the stigma around STD’s, as it can happen to anyone.

People with the disease will either just add the number to the end of their biography section on their user page, or discreetly add it into the text, for example “I have 437,737 problems, but I’m still able to keep cool”, as suggested by one of the sites.

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