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What does Abrosexual mean?

A person is considered abrosexual if their sexuality is fluid, AKA, they fluctuate between different sexualities.

Although it is normal for people in general to fluctuate between sexualities during a lifespan, “abrosexuals” do it much more frequently.

For some individuals it is erratic, for others it is regular, and the time between each fluctuate can vary from hours to years.

An “abrosexual” can be gay one day, asexual the next, and straight after that again.

The fluctuations can make it hard to keep a traditional relationship, but as long as the partner(s) are open to it, it is definitely possible to make things work.

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What's the origin of Abrosexual?

The term was coined by an anonymous Tumblr user around the 2010’s, but the exact date is unclear.

It’s LGBTQ flag was created by Tumblr user Mod Chad in 2016, and its colours fades from #46D294 (green) to white to #EE1766 (dark pink), as requested by another anonymous Tumblr user.

The prefix “abro-” has root in Greek language and means something along the lines of “delicate” and “graceful”, in this case, likely in the context of movement.

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Spread and Usage

How did Abrosexual spread?

This type of sexuality is considered very young amongst the others found on the LGBTQ scale, and most of its members have long been waiting for a term to describe their sexuality.

Its non-sexual version “abroromantic” is more rare, but definitely exists, and defines a person who is fluid when it comes to romantic attraction.

There is a rather small subreddit r/abrosexual dedicated to this sexuality.

All LGBTQ communities have agreed upon their own little intern “thing”, often based on their flag colours, and it was recently decided that watermelons will be the “thing” of abrosexuals.

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