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What does Ageplay mean?

Ageplay is a form of roleplaying as being in a different age.

It is often a play in the bedroom, with some sexuality spicing the good old game, so that it is more interesting.

One such practice with a sexual attitude is referred to as DDLG or Daddy Dom/Little Girl.

Here of course, the female is acting as an underage girl, while the man participates in the game as a grown man, dominating the girl, either sexually or just playfully… he gives her a pacifier one way or another.


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What's the origin of Ageplay?

Ageplay is a common occurrence in children; they often impersonate themselves as adults, be it having a family for the fun, or reenacting a medieval battle, fought by the ancestors.

Sexual ageplay most likely was an occurrence in history as well, seeing as how many people are into the roleplay these days.

Spread and Usage

How did Ageplay spread?

The prominence of the BDSM community shed light on many ageplay practices, performed by people in the shadows of their home before, so we may find out plenty of information these days, on how to get proper satisfaction from roleplaying a child in the bedroom, if that is what interests us.

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