Angry Dragon

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What does Angry Dragon mean?

Angry Dragon is one of the legendary sex moves, performed by the wildest of them all.

Namely, it is when you are receiving head, nut in the girl’s throat, then using her gag reflex, as well as smacking her, so that the load exits through her nostrils, giving the impression of the flames bursting out of the nose of a dragon.

The angry part lies within the fact, that the girl is not going to be too thrilled to experience this.

DIY Angry Dragon

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What's the origin of Angry Dragon?

It is quite hard to determine, where the idea of the practice originates from, or if people had really performed it, other than as an outcome of an accident.

Still, it is a popular reoccurring conversation element of guys talking about freaky stuff in the bedroom.

Urban Dictionary had listed it among its entries in 2003, and several other definitions have been added to the site since then.

Spread and Usage

How did Angry Dragon spread?

The shock value and hilarity of the practice led to its spread among males, who dwell on the internet.

Funnily, there is actually a children’s book, published in 2017 by author Michael Gordon, titled “The Angry Dragon”.

There is even an illustration of the said enraged legendary creature, spewing fire from its nostrils, giving a picture to the new generation of what it would look like, if someone had some kind of substance emitted from their nasal cavity.

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