Ass Worship

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What does Ass Worship mean?

Ass worship is a sexual genre in which one particularly focuses on the ass and anus of a person.

It will often involve licking, tonguing, fingering and penetrating the anus with your penis or with toys.

The Ass worshipping person will gain pleasure from this activity, either because they are generally attracted to a persons ass, or because of the taboo that comes with anal activities.

The receiving part may enjoy it as the anus is also an erotic, sensitive part of the body.

For ass play to be considered Ass Worship, it must be done with complete passion over a prolonged period of time, not just a quick foreplay, or just anal sex.

The worshippers face is often completely smothered into the ass of the receiver.

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What's the origin of Ass Worship?

The term was made popular by online porn videos, which will often use the term as title for videos featuring excessive ass play.

Spread and Usage

How did Ass Worship spread?

The Ass worshipping is in most cases done by a man, on a woman’s ass.

Anal sexual activities has been around for a while, but it has seen an increase over the past decade.

Easy access to porn, and the consequent exposure to a large variety of sexual kinks could be the reason behind the increase.

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