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What does Autofellatio mean?

Autofellatio is a form of masturbation, where a man bends in half to suck his own penis.

Only a very few people can do it but, nobody knows why they enjoy doing it.

The term has also spawned another form called “autocuck” in recent years, with the same meaning.

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What's the origin of Autofellatio?

The first known mention of Autofellatio originates from ancient Egypt, where old/ancient texts refer to it being used both in the realm of gods and the followers performing rituals as per the papyrus Bremner-Rhind 28 20-24.

There is a story called: Book of Overthrowing Apophis which contains a poem of how Ra the sun god created the goddess Tefnut and god Shu by fellating himself then spitting on the ground.

Spread and Usage

How did Autofellatio spread?

An urban legend was spread was spread in the early 2000’s of Marilyn Manson having some of his robs surgically removed, to be able to perform autofellatio.

This was debunked many years later in an interview he has given.

The popularity of the term has however skyrocketed in the recent year.

As of 2020, the term “autocuck” (refers to autofellatio) has surfaced on messaging board websites like, where a drawn image can be seen of a man performing autofellatio inserted into reaction images/memes.

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