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What does Backshot mean?

Backshot is an expression, referring to a sex act, commonly known as doggy style.

It may also refer to the action of nutting on the woman’s back, after the act.

On Instagram, people use the hashtag #backshot for photos taken from the rear of the model, be it a beautiful woman, a car or anything imaginable.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von VANESSA BILL’S ? (@vanessa_bills_) am

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What's the origin of Backshot?

The expression has Caribbean origins, though it is still not widely recognized and used… not enough to replace the term doggy style, anyway.

In 2001, Spragga Benz released a song, featuring Lady Saw, with the title being Backshot.

You may guess at the theme of the song, of course.

Spread and Usage

How did Backshot spread?

The phrase has been part of Urban Dictionary since 2003, with lots of varying definitions written on the matter, since those days.

The meaning of backshot remains diverse, highly influenced by the context people are mentioning the term.

Its most common appearance is in hashtags on social media sites, from Instagram, through Facebook to Twitter and every other domain, where people give out random information about themselves, without a care.

We may also encounter it in a conversation, though it is mostly endorsed by black slang.

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