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What does Ballbusting mean?

Ballbusting is a form of Cock and Ball Torture, otherwise known as CBT. It can encompass several things; one such is a kneeling or kicking someone in the testicles to subjugate in a BDSM setting.

Kicking someone in the scrotum in self-defense can also be referred to as ballbusting, as well as a woman scolding a man in a domestic setting, to assert dominance.

Busting balls can be also used as idioms for working hard or torturing and putting someone in an uncomfortable situation.

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What's the origin of Ballbusting?

Ballbusting is possibly as old as humanity and fetishes are. It is mostly prominent in BDSM porn, as a form of subjugation.

Cock and Ball Torture is also widespread across Japan, where they know ballbusting as “tamakeri”. The meme community also embraced the theme.

Spread and Usage

How did Ballbusting spread?

In 2004, a Wikipedia article saw the rise of memes surrounding the themes of Cock and Ball Torture.

It saw resurgence in 2010, when a user uploaded a voice narration for the article and the phenomena spread through platforms such as 4chan, Reddit, Hiddenlol, as well as Coub, Instagram and Twitter, with posts being made and published until today.

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