Banana Boob

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What does Banana Boob mean?

The blissful bosom of women is similar to ice cream in several manners; people are obsessed with them, and they come in various shapes and sizes as well as flavors.

Banana boob is one such category of the multitudes of mummeries, resembling a banana in its sloped shape, with the nipple pointing out, while the rest of the fatty tissue is curving back to the flesh of the woman.

Banana boobs are often equipped with puffy, big nipples.

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What's the origin of Banana Boob?

It is rather unclear, who came up with the term, even though it is more than sufficiently describing the shape and form of the breasts in question.

What is mind boggling, is that the fact, that bananas are predominantly used as an analogy for the male reproductive organ; the penis.

Despite this, the fruit is also likened to this certain kind of tits.

Maybe this triviality may be the reason, banana boobs are named as such, since the phrase is often used as an insult, as many people observe slopey boobs.

Spread and Usage

How did Banana Boob spread?

The phrase had been in use on the internet for quite a while as well, being present on Urban Dictionary since 2003, in the form of articles about “banana tits”.

The expression may be encountered in real life conversations, as well as discussions online, centered around the theme of mummeries.

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