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What does BBBJ mean?

BBBJ is an abbreviation for “bareback blowjob”.

Bareback blowjob means a blowjob – oral sex – on a penis not covered by a condom.

There are multiple reasons to why people prefers unprotected oral sex.

From the receiving part, the oral sex may become more comfortable as the penis is more sensitive without the condom.

For the giving part, they may not like the rubbery taste of the condom, or the feeling of plastic in their mouth.

Others might prefer the opposite, as it protects against diseases transmitted by genitals, or unwelcome ejaculation in one’s mouth.

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What's the origin of BBBJ?

The word “bareback” originates from the 1560’s and refers to riding a horse without a saddle; riding on a bare back.

It is unknown who was the first to use the term or abbreviation BBBJ, but it is certain that the action of performing unprotected fellatio has been around since long before condoms existed.

Spread and Usage

How did BBBJ spread?

In the adult industry, escorts and prostitutes may indicate that they offer BBBJ or BBBJTC (-”to completion”) as an extra appeal, since sex workers generally prefer protected oral sex or intercourse.

Additionally, BBBJ is a big hit on various adult entertainment sites, although searching for the typical “blow-job” will usually provide the same results.

Some will argue that the most common type of blow-job is the bareback one, making the “bareback” unnecessary, as a person who requests a protected blowjob will usually indicate that they want to use a condom.

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