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What does BBFS mean?

BBFS is an acronym for the phrase “Bare Back Full Service” which is an escort slang expression for condomless sexual intercourse between a customer and a prostitute.

It may encompass vaginal as well as anal sex, performed without protection.

While among mongers (customers) is considered the top tier service, attainable for money, it is frowned upon by people, who are not taking part in prostitution, mainly because of the gamble one takes one in terms of sexually transmitted diseases.

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What's the origin of BBFS?

It is hard to determine the origin of the origin of the acronym, as prostitution had always been something hidden under the carpet.

People outside of this life are rarely discussing prostitution and are mostly unfamiliar with the “professional terms” of the industry.

Spread and Usage

How did BBFS spread?

Thanks to the internet, the free flow of information is provided for most of the world, enabling people to learn the various expressions of all professions, including prostitution.

A definition on the phrase had been uploaded to Urban Dictionary as early as 2004, and several other entries had been written on it ever since.

The term is most encountered on message boards, revolving around sex and prostitution, as well as the porn videos, advertised with these keywords.

External References

  • Urban Dictionary – BBFS

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