Beaver Bong

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What does Beaver Bong mean?

Beaver Bong is yet another example of the ingenuity of humans.

It is basically mixing the two things, our species loves the most: sex and getting high.

You might still wonder, what a beaver bong might be, so let me enlighten you; a beaver bong is a bottomless water pipe (bong) inserted into the vagina of a woman that is also known as a “beaver”.

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What's the origin of Beaver Bong?

It is unsure, who came up with the idea of the practice, but the first appearance of it on the web is from 2002, when the site was created.

Here the creators are advertising the practice, as well as providing the opportunity for people to partake, by inviting them to a party for a fee; basically an attraction.

Spread and Usage

How did Beaver Bong spread?

One might be distressed by the practice’s bizarreness, but it didn’t stop the phenomenon from spreading far and wide on the web.

Urban Dictionary had listed Beaver Bong among their entries since 2004 and several porn sites have the videos of various women helping others getting high, with their beavers.

After researching all this, I’m still left to wonder; does the woman whose pussy you use to get wrecked also get high?

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