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What does Bellend mean?

Bellend or bell-end is a British slang expression for the glans penis, also known as tip of the penis, which, if outlined, looks like a bell.

It may be used as an insult to someone, who is similar to a cock; has a head but no brains.

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What's the origin of Bellend?

According to Oxford dictionary, the term has entered the English vocabulary in the early 1800’s, by the working class of Britain and the cockneys of London.

Since then, it has remained in Britain, rarely encountered elsewhere on the world, except if you meet some English dude somewhere.

Its utilization peaked in the 19th century, but it still didn’t fade from the language.

Spread and Usage

How did Bellend spread?

Bellend has had a long history of use, being actively present in the English language for two centuries.

It has been said in World Wars and historical moments, throughout the globe – thanks to the British Empire.

In modern popular culture, bellend was embraced by Sacha Baron Cohen, in his iconic film, Ali G.

The motion picture is concluded with the words “The bell end” – a clever joke, seeing as how “belle” in French signifies beautiful, giving the title a double meaning.

The term has been featured in several scenes in the Ali G Show as well, spreading the knowledge of this beautiful word.

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