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What does Benchod mean?

Benchod is the slang term used especially by North-Indians and people of Indian ancestry, meaning sister fucker.

Indians in Alabama could surely throw this around a lot…

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What's the origin of Benchod?

The term originates from the Northern part of the Indian subcontinent, used by millions of people.

Benchod comes from the combination of the Hindi words bahan, which means sister and chod, which means fucker.

Due to Hindi being the most spoken language of India, beside English, the expression is widely understood and used by people of Indian heritage.

Spread and Usage

How did Benchod spread?

Thanks to the large population of Indians around the world, and the British empire, which aided in them taking their culture around the globe, the term is used and recognized from Hindustan to South Africa to England and America.

Urban Dictionary had listed Benchod in their entries since 2004, as bhenchod, and there have been several other attempts at defining it by other users.

Benchod is still largely unknown to people, who are unfamiliar with Indians and their culture, though their large presence across the whole world is sure to further propagate the spread of the phrase.

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