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What does Bimbofication mean?

Bimbofication refers to the process of becoming one’s sexually transformed self, abandoning all paths of reason and becoming a brainless biatch, ready to use others for money and be used for one night stands.

The phenomenon is most commonly encountered in fan art, created by those who have a fetish for these kinds of kinks, modifying their cartoon, anime or manga characters of preference to become sexually enhanced versions of themselves, often going far beyond the borders of taste, but who am I to judge?

It is a matter of debate, if the practice is a harmless sexual compulsion, or a form of misogyny.

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What's the origin of Bimbofication?

The genesis of the practice is still unknown, but one of the first times it was first referred to as “bimbofication” was in 2009, on the “Weird Fanart Thread” of the site called “Something Awful”.

Spread and Usage

How did Bimbofication spread?

2010 brought the launch of the /r/transformation subreddit, where bimbofication was listed as a legit topic of the transformation fetish genre.

A year later MrUrsulaHitler uploaded a video on YouTube, if bimbofication was a misogynistic or a sexy practice.

In 2013, bimbofication got its very own subreddit.

Following this, the phenomenon was presented in numerous posts on Reddit, as well as videos on YouTube.

Urban Dictionary added a definition to the fan art genre in 2015.

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