Bobs and Vagene

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What does Bobs and Vagene mean?

Bobs and Vagene are the misspelled versions of the words boobs and vagina, often seen in messages, written by men, who originate from the Indian subcontinent, as well as parodies of these very people.

The year of bobs and vagene

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What's the origin of Bobs and Vagene?

The phenomenon took off, when in 2015, a Reddit user submitted a screenshot of a post by the Facebook page Indian Celebrities into the /r/indianpeoplefacebook subreddit.

The post was an article, titled “Top 10 Sexiest Female Olympic Athletes Ever” to which an unidentified user submitted the comment “Ausaaam bobs”.

After this being submitted, several other messages, posts and comments have been reposted on Reddit, to the big delight of people.

Spread and Usage

How did Bobs and Vagene spread?

Bobs and Vagene has become the most seen phrase in the comments of any mildly attractive girl, who has some kind of influence on social media.

Similar phrases have also been created by this kind and appreciating community, such as “bitch lasagna”.

The meme had mostly remained on Reddit, though screenshots were being posted to sites, all over the internet, including Facebook and Instagram meme groups and pages.

The expression had made it to Urban Dictionary in 2017.

Musician Hovey Benjamin uploaded a song in the same year, titled “Send Bobs”

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