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What does Brat Tamer mean?

In the BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism) culture, a Brat Tamer is the dominant who disciplines their sexual partner who does not obey and naughty.

“Brat Tamers” enjoy handling hard to handle submissive brats, they find the disobedience attractive and playful (that is why the brat shows such behaviour and attitude in the first place).

The submissive is called a brat who loves to misbehave, and that is how they gain attention from the dominant.

A brat wants a dominant who teaches them a lesson, even if their attitude and behaviour stay the same.

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What's the origin of Brat Tamer?

BDSM known as finding pleasure in pain has been there for humans since the beginning. In the Ancient Worlds, such as Mesopotamia, they were all over whips and whipping each other.

The Kamasutra has instructions on how to properly slap your partner during sex, and how to nip, bite and gnaw.

The world of BDSM is a variety of role playing, and it is a large scale.

Therefore, the exact origin of “Brat Tamers” as well as their submissive partners, brats are unknown.

Spread and Usage

How did Brat Tamer spread?

Plenty of sites on the internet (not just BDSM fandoms) have already dealt with the topic.

For instance, Cosmopolitan wrote an article for people who are still confused about their fetishes, and how to introduce the “Brat tamer” and brat role play into their sex life.

There are even tests online that can help you figure out what kink you might have.

“Brat tamer” got more and more popular over the years, when people could share their kinks and fantasies online, anonymously with other people.

For example, on Reddit, in the so-called BDSMcommunity.

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