Breeding Kink

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What does Breeding Kink mean?

When you have a Breeding kink, you get sexually aroused by the thought of having sex for reproduction.

The man would fantasize about not using condom or any other form of contraception, then filling the woman with his sperm so that she may become pregnant.

For a woman who is into “breeding kink”, she would also be aroused knowing that she is not using contraception, and gains pleasure from a man cumming inside of her unprotected, increasing her chances of getting pregnant.

Often, it is the risk of getting (someone) pregnant that turns these people on, and not the creation of a child.

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What's the origin of Breeding Kink?

People who are into “breeding kink” claims it brings out their innate instincts of reproduction from when humans were living like animals.

Others say their kink developed from the repeated anxiety from getting someone pregnant during sex, followed by the pleasure from the sex itself, psychologically conditioning their brain into getting aroused from the risk and anxiety of a possible pregnancy.

Spread and Usage

How did Breeding Kink spread?

As naturally only one male and one female together can risk pregnancy, this kink is mainly practiced by heterosexual couples.

The subreddit /Breeding is a NSFW forum for exchanging “breeding kink” pornography and fantasies, and one can usually find images of female genitals covered in sperm.

On another platform,, there is a separate section where people post “breeding kink” confessions.

Porn videos of people having unprotected sex and impregnated women are also easy to find on most porn sites.

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