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What does Bromo mean?

Bromo is a slang term for homosexual guys, that are also incidentally in your close friend circle and are like brothers to you.

A bromo is said to be gay, but holds a strong link to his inherent masculinity as a man an is not overly feminine or gay acting.

They are reportedly in the “beers with the guys” camp, rather than in the “cocktails in the club.”

It is not uncommon to have a bromo without even knowing he is a bromo.”

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What's the origin of Bromo?

The term comes from the combination of the words bro and homo, resulting in the titular portmanteau.

It is unclear, when and where they came up with it, but its form points to the 2000’s, as a possible period of inception.

Spread and Usage

How did Bromo spread?

Bromo was defined on Urban Dictionary as early as 2006, with a sea of other entries written since that time, each approaching and interpreting the term from a different angle.

With the growing acceptance of sexual preferences across the globe, the English dictionary is getting filled with words, related to homosexuality, similar to “bromo.”

As more and more people find the courage to come out every day, bromo is a useful word to have in our dictionary.

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