Bust a nut

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What does Bust a nut mean?

A dear child has many names, and to Bust a nut is one of them.

Other names for this phenomena is to “cum”, “jizz”, “climax”, “cream”, “spooge”, and many, many more.

Ultimately, they all mean the same thing: To ejaculate.

It can be with a sexual partner, or when you are masturbating alone, but eventually it all comes down to the same finale – “busting a nut”.

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What's the origin of Bust a nut?

A mans testicles is frequently referred to as “nuts” in colloquial English speech, and this has been a trend since the 19th century.

Real nuts contain seeds inside, and technically, so does the testicles.

To release the seeds in a nut, you need to bust it open.

Now, hopefully no one decides to bust their own nuts open, but the phrase “bust a nut” has been associated with “releasing the seeds” ever since the 1930’s.

Spread and Usage

How did Bust a nut spread?

In the beginning, to “bust a nut”, meant both “to ejaculate” and “to work hard”, but its second meaning decreased in popularity as the sexual reference was more widely used.

Up until the 1970’s, the phrase was mainly used by black Americans, but this changed when Blaxploitation pornography arose, frequently using the phrase.

In the early 80’s, the term was associated with other meanings as well, such as “losing one’s temper”.

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