Butt Chug

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What does Butt Chug mean?

The practice of ingesting alcohol through the other end of your digestive system, the anus, is called Butt Chug.

Rather than just drinking through your mouth like any other Joe, and letting your digestive system break down most of the fun-juice, you wanna get all your moneys worth of alcohol intoxication.

When you “butt chug”, you place a tube or other hollow tool into your anus, and pour any type of alcohol into your rectum.

This alcohol goes straight to your blood flow, leading to faster and stronger intoxication.

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What's the origin of Butt Chug?

The practice of “butt chugging” can be dated all the way back to the Mayan civilizations.

They would use a type of syringe made out of clay to insert alcohol into the rectum as part of their rituals.

The alcohol was sometimes mixed with other psychoactives, in an attempt to reach euphoria.

Spread and Usage

How did Butt Chug spread?

Sadly the practice can be dangerous because of the heightened risk of alcohol poisoning, learned the hard way by a 58-year old Texas man in 2004.

The man died after his wife assisted him in administering a total of 3 liters of sherry into his rectum.

However, the incident didn’t stop movie producers from including “butt chugging” in their films, such as the “butt chugging” scene in Blockers, released in 2018.

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