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What does CFNM mean?

CFNM, or Clothed Female, Naked Male/Clothed Female, Nude Male is a situation – in most cases sexual – where women are dressed up properly, while men attending are stripped down to their bare skin.

CFNM is the exact opposite of CMNF; it is the abbreviation for Clothed Male, Naked Female, where the participating women are naked and men are dressed up.

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What's the origin of CFNM?

This sexual phenomenon has roots far back in history. In antiquity, for example depictions of naked men were much more appreciated and tolerated by the community, than the illustrations of nude women.

This view however had reversed in during the age of the Renaissance, when artists often channeled their creativity into the visualization of the female body. The spread of the feminist movement however had increased the acceptance and practice of CFNM.

Spread and Usage

How did CFNM spread?

This practice has always been widely present in all cultures from Greece, through the Middle-east to Japan, with several depictions to be found in artworks.

Today, the widespread use of the internet has allowed people interested in the fetish to delve deep into the rabbit’s hole, into the world of CFNM, with plenty of pornographic footage and communities to be found on the threads of the web.

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