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What does Chubby chaser mean?

A Chubby Chaser is a person who is particularly attracted to chubby or obese people.

By the general societal beauty standards of today, slim and fit people are usually perceived as the most attractive.

“Chubby Chasers”, however, go against this trend, and the greatest beauty in their eyes are plus-size, curvy, fatter people.

Some may define it as “fat fetishism”, a sexual fetish where you get aroused by fat people.

Understandably, many are against calling it a fetish and prefers the term “preference”, just like others prefer slim people – without calling it a fetish.

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What's the origin of Chubby chaser?

“Chubby chaser” is the obvious name for someone who is “chasing chubby people”, and the term was created because in the modern day, it is outside of the norm.

The concept of preferring bigger body sizes, particularly in women, has been around for centuries.

Just a couple hundred years ago, fat women were not only accepted, but much preferred, and viewed as beautiful, healthy and wealthy, and often associated with fertility in many cultures.

Spread and Usage

How did Chubby chaser spread?

In some African regions, obese women are still considered the most desirable as of today (01.07.2020).

For “chubby chasers” in the western world, the fantastic internet has of course come up with dating sites particularly for this preference, such as

However, the term is more often than not used to mock people who date plus sized persons, as the “chubby chaser” would likely not call themselves by this term.

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