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What does Clap cheeks mean?

Clap cheeks or Clapping cheeks is a sex slang term for having intercourse from the back while slapping the buttocks of an individual.

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What's the origin of Clap cheeks?

The term became popular after a story was posted on Reddit’s /r/drugs by the user pumpkineater69 on September 10th.

Long story short, the post was about how his mother went to the car and told them, “I better not hear no cheeks clapping tonight.” after taking acid.

After he posted it, the post gained 4,000 points, and the term became more and more popular after other users posted fictional stories on Reddit with the term “clapping cheeks”.

Spread and Usage

How did Clap cheeks spread?

The story quickly became a big thing on Reddit, after multiple users shared their stories featuring the term.

For example, one of the Subreddits that received 1,600 points was posted by the user straightpipedkia. He/she made a parody out of the story by writing it from the mother’s point of view.

Others spread the term through a bait-and-switch copypasta. One of the most famous copypasta was posted by Xvaeyr.

He was telling a long story about one of his drug experience and then ending it with the term as a punchline: “I knew in the deepest part of my heart that the thunderous clapping was cheeks.” The post gained over 800 points in less than 13 hours.

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