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What does Clapping cheeks mean?

Clapping cheeks refers to a sexual activity where you are penetrating the girl in such a position and with such a strength and speed, that her buttcheeks start clapping.

The clapping normally happens if you are taking her from behind, in doggy style, but it is possible in other sexual positions as well.

For the cheeks to clap you need to move rigorously.

It may also refer to the sound you make when you are clapping your body into her butt cheeks while penetrating her, so that your two bodies make a clapping sound hitting each other.

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What's the origin of Clapping cheeks?

The term was first seen on Reddit in a story by user “pumpkineater69”.

He shared it on the subreddit dedicated to drugs in September 2018, and indicated that his mom was the first to use this slang when telling him and his friend that she does not want to hear any cheeks clapping tonight – AKA sexual sounds.

Spread and Usage

How did Clapping cheeks spread?

It was a big hit on r/drugs, and Clapping Cheeks rapidly spread over Reddit, followed by other media platforms on the internet.

It soon became a popular search term on porn sites, as men has always had a fascination for butts, especially big enough for the cheeks to clap.

The term is still popular today.

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