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What does CMNF mean?

CMNF, or Clothed Male, Naked Female/Clothed Male, Nude Female is a situation – in most cases sexual – where men are dressed up properly, while women attending are stripped down to their bare skin.

CMNF is the exact opposite of cfnm; it is the abbreviation for Clothed Female, Naked Male, where the participating men are naked and women are dressed up.

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What's the origin of CMNF?

Similar to its male counterpart, the clothed male, naked female practice is rooted in history, with men always loving the presence of naked, beautiful women.

From the harems of the near east to the mere bordellos of the west, examples are present throughout our past where men marveled at the beauty of the female body.

Since the Renaissance, the depiction of naked females also enjoyed more popularity in visual arts in our culture.

Spread and Usage

How did CMNF spread?

Today the thirst of men for the sight of a firm female body is still never sated, thus we may find a strip club in most civilized parts of the world.

CMNF is also practiced as a fetish, similar to its male counterpart.

External References

  • Urban Dictionary – CMNF

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