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What does Coochie mean?

The term Coochie is a slang word for a women’s vagina, which can be used by men and women as well.

Sometimes it is used as flirting with each other or other times it is used by women to joke about their vaginas in a way, not saying the word vagina out in the open, to get more attention when talking to their friends.

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What's the origin of Coochie?

The term Coochie was first used as a slang word in 1991, however it is said that it originally comes from the word “hoochie coochie” which originates from “hoochy koochy” from at least 1890’s, but it’s just a theory.

Others theory has it, that it originates from “Hoochie Coochie Man” from a 1954’s blues song made by Willie Dixon, however there is no exact data on the above statements.

Spread and Usage

How did Coochie spread?

At first, the term Coochie was a slang for the black community, which they started to use in every way they can.

The term can usually be found in rap songs and on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even in the porn websites, but is strictly used by the black community.

The community gets easily irritated if a “whitey” uses their much loved and cherished slang.

Nowadays, the term is used by mostly everyone as the craze has died down in the community.

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