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What does Cooter mean?

Cooter is a reference to a woman’s genitals, mainly, the vagina.

It is one of many names given to the beloved sexual organ, including “cunt”, “pussy”, “beaver”, “vajayjay”, the similar “coochie” and endless other names.

While Cooter refers mainly to the vagina, “coot” has historically also been known to mean “coitus with a woman” or “woman as a sexual object”.

Another definition of Cooter is any of several freshwater turtles.

“Haunted old cooter.”

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What's the origin of Cooter?

“Coot” was the first to be described publically, in the 75’ Summer issue of American Speech. It was referred to as the female sexual organ, coitus with a woman, or a woman as a sex object.

The earliest entry for Cooter was in Green’s Dictionary of Slang in 1977, where it was written as “cooter madness”, used mainly by athletes to describe “girl-crazy” boys.

The first time Cooter was described as a reference for vagina was about a decade later, in 1986.

Spread and Usage

How did Cooter spread?

As Cooter can also mean “turtle”, this created a bridge between the two definitions, leading to “snapping turtle” also being a slang for vagina in the mid 70’s.

The term is mostly used in the US, and in the southern states it is almost as frequently used as “pussy”.

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