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What does Cucking mean?

Cucking, or “cuckolding” is the act of arranging and watching your wife having sex with other men.

It is often considered a genre in sadomasochism, because watching – and allowing – your spouse to have sex with others is a humiliating and degrading experience.

The person who does the “cucking” is known as the “cuckold”, or, in the case of a woman, a “cuckquean”. They will knowingly let their partner cheat on them, and find pleasure in the humiliation it causes.

The cuckold or quean is often forced to watch the affair, and is rarely allowed to join in – depending on the relationship.

“Cucking” is often paired with other SM kinks such as penis humiliation or dominant and submissive play.

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What's the origin of Cucking?

“Cucking”, “cuckolding” and “cuckqueans” all belong to the world of sexual kinks; non-widespread sexual activities.

As they are all based on gaining pleasure from humiliation and pain, “cucking” is a subgenre of BDSM.

The term “cuck” may be based on the old humiliation device, the “cucking-stool”, which dates back all the way to the 13th century as a punishment for mainly women.

A woman who had offended would be tied to the stool then lifted up high for all to see and degrade her.

Spread and Usage

How did Cucking spread?

“Cucking”, particularly “cuckoldry” is a very common fetish in modern days, and it is one of the most frequently searched-for kinks on porn sites.

While the term can originally refer to any person who gets cheated on by their spouse, knowingly or unknowingly, today it almost exclusively defines a person who is willingly in a disloyal relationship.

Psychologists have come up with several reasons as to why someone would want to participate in “cucking”, some examples being based in either biology, jealousy, taboo and submission.

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