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What does Cuckquean mean?

Cuckquean is the female equivalent for cuckold. It stands for the wife, who consents to- and sometimes even participates with the husband committing adultery.

A cuckquean often derives sexual satisfaction from watching her partner have intercourse with another woman.

Similarly, if a person retains pleasure from watching family members having sex, he or she is called wittol. Wittol is also an archaic expression for cuckold and cuckquean.

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What's the origin of Cuckquean?

The word originates from the Old English term for queen; cwene.

The final form of the expression is thought to be made by the 1560’s.

Spread and Usage

How did Cuckquean spread?

The modern day use of cuckquean is mostly applied in relation to the cuckolding fetish.

Like for all, delving deep into this paraphilia, it is the humiliation, loss of authority and victimization that gives satisfaction.

In relations like this, the wife remains subservient, while it is the husband who dominates.

The wife can only participate in the act with the approval of her man, otherwise she must restrain herself.

A cuckquean can be treated lovingly by the cheaters, but in more extreme cases, they humiliate and shame her.

This may come in form of an act, or just the overflowing emotions breaking out of the two having the affair.

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