Cum Dumpster

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What does Cum Dumpster mean?

Cum dumpster is a slang expression for both men and women, with a wide array of sexual relationships, who don’t truly mind to be ejaculated in or on.

These people take sperm, like socially gauche people take insults, without a word of protest.

“Cum dumpsters” serve as a mass receptacle for semen, as well as a load of other bodily fluids, microbes and bacteria.

For these people a creampie is not a food product; for them, it is a lifestyle.

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What's the origin of Cum Dumpster?

It is unclear, where the expression was first created, because it is a combination of two previously existing English words.

The phrase “cum dumpster” comes from the mixture of the slang term for semen; cum and dumpster, which has the same root vowel as cum, resulting in the first two syllables sounding the same.

The word cum had derived from the verb come at around 1973, which had been used in pornography and in a sexual sense for a longer while, arguably since the 17th century.

Spread and Usage

How did Cum Dumpster spread?

The phrase is mostly encountered on porn sites and sexual ads, as well as in everyday speech, when referring to a character, that is more than eager to receive a load.

“Cum dumpster” was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2003, with a large amount of other definitions and entries being uploaded in the years following.

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