Cum Guzzler

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What does Cum Guzzler mean?

A cum guzzler is a person (mostly woman), who performs fellatio with great enthusiasm and eagerly swallows the juices squirting out in the aftermath.

The word swallowing is not intensive enough to describe the way, her throat devours semen, as she’s chugging it, bolting it, wolfing and absorbing it, hence the word guzzler.

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What's the origin of Cum Guzzler?

The facts mentioned above are certainly behind the intensity of the second part of the phrase, giving enough weight to it to be sufficient in describing the person in question.

The expression’s origin is hard to tell, as it is not a custom word, rather a combination of terms to describe someone in an adequate manner.

The first occurrence of the word in a book is in the 2011 novel of Rich Walls, Standby Chicago.

Spread and Usage

How did Cum Guzzler spread?

The porn industry as well as the dangerous waters people refer to as social media, had lifted the veil of innocence, some people project onto themselves to cover for the fact, that they swallow semen like it is Iced Caramel Macchiato.

The term, due to its profanity and hard tone is especially popular in online circles, like the Incel community, where hatred of women is often appearing as a varied and ingenious way of insulting them.

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