Cum Rag

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What does Cum Rag mean?

Cum rag may have two separate, though loosely related meanings to it.

One sense of the term is an extremely sexual person (usually a woman) who is notorious for having sex with anybody.

An another interpretation to the phrase is a hard, stained fabric, that is used by men for soaking up sperm after masturbation.

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What's the origin of Cum Rag?

The term was initially used in the latter sense, first in the 90’s.

The first documented appearance of the phrase comes from the 1994 book, by Cecil Goran; Dictionary of Semenyms.

By the 2000’s however, the expression gained such prominence, that it was started to be used for people, who partake in sexual intercourses very often.

Spread and Usage

How did Cum Rag spread?

The phrase was first defined on the unofficial dictionary of the internet, Urban Dictionary in 2003, with several other entries written since then.

The expression became widely popular, since most men can relate to the idea of a “cum rag.”

It is also an excellent insult, and is often encountered in such a form.

Entrepreneurs also took advantage of the phenomenon, and “cum rags” are available products on sites, such as Etsy or Amazon.

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