Cum tribute

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What does Cum tribute mean?

Cum tribute refers to the online trend of men, who are uploading pictures of their semen spit onto images of women.

It is seen as sexual harassment and may lead you to trouble, should you try to add your identity to the whole thing.

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What's the origin of Cum tribute?

Masturbating to pictures and other depictions of women has been present since humanity has been living on this planet.

We may see naked women everywhere; paintings, sculptures and of course the massive amount of pornography and of course the pirated images of naked celebrities.

Since the spread of the internet, the fact that anyone can upload anything anywhere led some to the conclusion that they should do exactly that, leading to the appearance of the cum tribute.

It is unclear, when the practice started to take place, but it is known that men are happy and likely to spread their semen on stuff and people, with bukakke being such a popular trend.

Spread and Usage

How did Cum tribute spread?

Similar to dickpics, a cum tribute is something, most women would not agree with and find disgusting, unless it was them, who asked for the creation of the picture in the first place.

The practice has been defined by Urban Dictionary in 2008 already, but the 2010’s saw a rise in the creation of these photos, to the misery of the women receiving them, along with a wave of shame of what was done to their photographs.

The best approach to a cum tribute is to first ask yourself; does the world need this?

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