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What does Cummies mean?

Cummies is a term generally applied to submissive girls in a DDLG (Daddy Dom, Little Girl) or other type of BDSM relationships. They are called so because of their enjoyment of orgasm and semen of the other half.

The expression had gained widespread recognition after the emojispam, on which a girl is asking for cummies, or a shot of sperm, had become part of the internet.

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What's the origin of Cummies?

The phrase had been used in the DDLG or BDSM communities for a while to refer to cum, usually by submissives.

The first noted application of the term had surfaced in 2013 on Tumblr, by a self-identified “missy”.

Spread and Usage

How did Cummies spread?

Cummies had started to spread through the internet following this, especially in the BDSM and DDLG circles.

By the end of 2014, it became closely associated with the latter.

As it spread, interest had risen in the word, with even a YouTube video being uploaded where random people are saying it, mostly confused.

In 2015, it had gained such a presence that even a song had been created and uploaded to YouTube by Smokin’ Beer.

The song features a young girl singing of cummies, while wearing a kigurumi.

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