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What does Curvage mean?

The term Curvage refers to a fetish for fat women. It is also used for a type fetish porn where a fat girl is eating in a bra or braless.

Lots of men like their women fat so it’s also a general type of favouritism over skinnier type of women especially in the United States of America, where a huge percent of the population is overweight.

The fetish is especially favoured by the black community, because all skinny black men prefer to have a girl with a large backside and curves.


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What's the origin of Curvage?

Fat (curvy) women can be found as an idol since the ancient times of the caveman.

For them the perfect women was curvy and the trend has went on in later years as somebody having a fat wife meant that you had money and were in control, thus symbolizing your power.

Spread and Usage

How did Curvage spread?

As of 2020. curvage has become a lifestyle choice and is very popular on the internet for some.

Health & lifestyle magazines/blogs started to advertise body acceptance and boycotting fat shaming, thus creating a trend.

Nowadays on the internet, especially on the message board website Reddit, people can gather and express themselves in this topic alongside with the Social Justice Warriors who make up most of the website and promote body acceptance.

(Being obese or becoming obese is not something you should promote as it is unhealthy and dangerous!)

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