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What does Daddy dom mean?

Daddy Dom is a BDSM (Bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism) term, where the dominant partner is role-playing a paternal figure for the submissive.

If the submissive is a female, she is usually referred to as princess throughout the role-play. “Daddy dom” is not only about male dominance, but a father like role who takes care, loves and nurtures the submissive.

It must be noted that in a “Daddy dom” relationship there isn’t any pedophilia or incest  involved, it just refers to a dom who acts like a caring father towards their significant other.

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What's the origin of Daddy dom?

BDSM’s popular power dynamic is the dominant and submissive dyad, where the dom (dominant or dominatrix) physically and emotionally controls the sub (shortened version for submissive) and the BDSM experience of the sub.

The shortened term dom was found in the 1980s. The phrase “Daddy dom” started to get popular around the 2000s.

Even though daddy, in the sense of a sexual slang has a longer history which dates back to the 1920s.

Spread and Usage

How did Daddy dom spread?

On various platforms such as Reddit or Twitter, there are BDSM communities who are engaging in those activities, are interested or study/discuss topics of  BDSM, such as “Daddy Dom”.

There are even forums on Reddit like r/DaddyDom where people who practice this type of dom/sub role-play are seeking others to be their partner.

Urban Dictionary officially added the term’s first entry in 2015, and an entry called “daddy dom rules” in which the user The One And Only Daddy Dom in 2017 listed seven rules that every “Daddy Dom’ must follow.

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