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What does Daddy kink mean?

A daddy kink is a kink where mostly during sex the dominate person will be called daddy and the “daddy” is dominant over their princess/kitten. A daddy kink is non incest, just kinky.

To simplify, the daddy kink can be either the guy or the girls or even both parties fetish. If the girl is into it, she will call her partner daddy during intercourse and maybe ask him to roughen her up.

On the other hand if the guy has the daddy kink, he would go ahead and tell the girl to “call me your daddy” alongside several other requests.

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What's the origin of Daddy kink?

The general consensus on Reddit was that women call their partners “daddy” because they are into submitting to male authority figures.

“Sir/Master just doesn’t have that same affectionate tone to it, know what I mean?” says one redditor.

“Some girls want to call their man daddy in a way that has nothing to do with their father but as a way that communicates she is submissive to your masculinity,” says another. The most extreme version of this mindset is the DDlg kink community.

DDlg stands for Daddy Dom/little girl, usually with only the Daddy getting capitalization.

With this kink, men take care of their “littles,” providing toys and discipline. The littles, in turn, bring a joyful innocence to the relationship.

The DDlg community thrives on Tumblr, where different blogs are set up for DDlg secrets, personals, and blogs for women who describe themselves as being “Mentally age 3-6, physically all grown up.”

Spread and Usage

How did Daddy kink spread?

Daddy kink is a rather modern term which was brought into the youth slang from the start of the 2010s.

With the populatrity of speaking about tabus on anonymous image boards and forums in the likes of reddit and 4chan, daddy kink has spread at a rather quick pace.

Within the last 9 years the term has went from being underground to being one of the most popular terms of online youth slang.

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