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What does DDLG mean?

DDLG is the acronym of the ageplay Daddy Dom/Little Girl.

In this kind of relationship, one of the participants takes on the role of a dominant parent, while the other is roleplaying the child.

DDLG is not used to label actual relationships between a parent and a child though.

It is related to BDSM, since both are sexual roleplays between two consenting adults, with a touch of dominance and submission.

These kinds of games can come in the mildest form that includes caretaking and punishments one would impose on their own child.

The kinkier version of the practice is when the couple is playing in a “daddy’s little girl” fantasy. The most extreme version is the classical BDSM play, which is a slave-master relationship.

DDLG is not sexual in all cases, though it may carry a line of erotica within itself.


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What's the origin of DDLG?

Like BDSM, DDLG is a practice rooted in the diverse desires of human nature and has walked by our side for all of history, though the suppression of such practices in all ages has put the story of this fetish into the shadows.

Spread and Usage

How did DDLG spread?

It was only towards the end of the last century, that BDSM as well as DDLG had started to move out of taboo in the mindsets of people and started to be accepted and more and more widely acknowledged.

Attraction to a parent figure is one of the most prevalent kinks, and DDLG may bring satisfaction to those, fantasizing about such things.

External References

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