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What does Derfing mean?

Derfing, alternatively spelled durfing or dirfing is a term for a (possibly younger girl’s) act of grinding intensively on the genitalia of the guy… strictly through clothes.

This is also known as dry humping and is considered something harmless; still within the boundaries of being a good Christian.

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What's the origin of Derfing?

It is unclear, where and when the term was created, however “derfing” is a portmanteau of the words dick and surfing, resulting in the word about, that looks disturbingly similar to derping.

The first source defining the term on Urban Dictionary lists the term as durfing, so it is most likely that “derfing” evolved from it.

Spread and Usage

How did Derfing spread?

“Derfing” is still a term, that is mostly unknown to the masses, with a minor search volume, and information about the word itself.

The phrase has one mention on Reddit, where one of the users inquired about what it means.

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