Destroy Dick December

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What does Destroy Dick December mean?

“Destroy Dick December” is a challenge to be completed during the whole month of December.

It involves masturbating every day, but in multiples of the number of the day in the month.

In other words, on 1st of December you masturbate once, on 2nd of December you masturbate twice, and the number grows by one for every day of the month, until you reach the last day – 31st of December – masturbating 31 times.

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What's the origin of Destroy Dick December?

“Destroy Dick December” came as a response to the more known “No Nut November”, which involves refraining from masturbation for the full month of November.

Some do the No Nut November challenge to gain the assumed benefits that comes with absence of sexual release, while some do it to support the Movember movement against prostate cancer.

And, naturally, after a month of zero masturbation, you need to compensate with destroying the dick.

Spread and Usage

How did Destroy Dick December spread?

The challenge is mainly aimed at males, although small numbers of women has stated to also be participating.

The first few days, with only one or three masturbations a day, are reasonably easy to take part in, but whether anyone has actually managed to complete the challenge is unknown.

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