Dick cheese

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What does Dick cheese mean?

If a person with a penis haven’t washed their genitals for a while, a mix of dead skin cells, moisture and skin oils will gather around the head of their penis and, if uncircumcised, under the foreskin.

This is called dick cheese. “Dick cheese” is a vulgar synonym of “smegma”.

As long as a person leads a decent hygiene in their private parts, “dick cheese” is usually not an issue.

It will usually take a couple days without thorough cleaning for the smegma to accumulate, and it usually as a pungent, sour smell.

It is advisable to avoid having dick cheese if sexual contact with another person is seen forthcoming in near future.

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What's the origin of Dick cheese?

Smegma and dick cheese has the same meaning, and while it is not certain where the vulgar term comes from, it is obviously put together by the two terms “dick” and “cheese”.

“Dick” for penis, and “cheese” because the smegma will often look like a white/yellow creamy or clumpy substance, similar to cottage cheese.

Spread and Usage

How did Dick cheese spread?

While the professional term is smegma, “dick cheese” is usually used as a crude version by young men and women.

Besides from the figurative meaning, it can also be used as an insult, by calling someone a “dick cheese”, which indicates that the person is gross and yucky.

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