Dick print

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What does Dick print mean?

The dick print is enjoyed by straight women and gay men when a guy is wearing tight sitting shorts or pants, for example activewear in the form of leggings.

Grey sweatpants is also famous for this feature.

The “dick print” is the perfectly presented silhouette of the penis, accurately showing off its size and shape to the viewer, but often oblivious to the man who is showing it.

It was joked about as the equivalent of a fingerprint, and some even claim they can recognize a man on their particular dick print.

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What's the origin of Dick print?

The term “dick print” arose exactly as a result of it jokily correlation with a fingerprint around 2003.

It wasn’t until 2006 that the term gained its sexual connotations, and particularly women started discussing and making memes about “dick prints”.

Adult entertainment connected to the slang term started appearing around the same time.

Spread and Usage

How did Dick print spread?

Image posting platform Instagram shows us over 6000 photos hashtagged “#dickprintseason”, particularly during summer when men wear lighter, tighter trousers and swimwear.

In 2019, Buzzfeed released an article called “Gray Sweatpants Are The Most Important Things A Man Can Wear”, and among the reasons why, a good “dick print” plays a major role.

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