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Cop posted on 6-13-2021:

Add “air tight” to your list!

David Rosoff posted on 7-24-2021:

A lot of acronyms are missing (e.g.: ATM, BDSM, DP, etc.).
You have terms that are part of a set, without the other terms (e.g.: second base, w/o first, third, or home run; reverse cowboy, reverse cowgirl, reverse missionary, w/o cowboy, cowgirl, missionary; etc.).
You’re missing many basic terms (e.g.: bondage, doggy, doggy style, orgy, roleplay, etc.).
You’re missing many terms for lesser known sexual positions.
You’re missing many sex work terms.
Someone already mentioned you’re missing “airtight”.
You’re also missing “face down, ass up”, & “spread eagle”.
This could be a good resource website, but you’ve barely gotten started. I hope you will work on it until it is fully formed.
Thanks. posted on 1-3-2022:

Thanks for your input dear friend. We have already started the maintenance and will take care of your feedbacks as well.

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