DM does GB

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What does DM does GB mean?

Dirty MILF does Gang Bang.

A dirty “mother I’d like to fuck” participates in a gangbang, a sexual activity involving one woman and multiple men. A reverse gangbang involves one man and multiple women.

In this case the woman is a mother, or looks mature enough to be a mother, and is penetrated and/or used in other sexual ways by the men.

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What's the origin of DM does GB?

According to Etymonline, MILF was first used in 1999 as an abbreviation for “Mother I’d Like to Fuck”.

Gang-bang dates all the way back to 1953, and it’s precursor is “Gang-Shag” from 1927, both meaning group sex with a majority of men.

The slang gained increased popularity when it was mentioned in the famous TV-series “The Office”.

Spread and Usage

How did DM does GB spread?

“DM does GB” are sought after on porn sites as less traditional and more extreme porn videos are entering the online porn circle.

The more porn available, the more porn people watch, resulting in classic, soft porn videos becoming unexciting, causing users to stretch out to more untraditional categories, such as MILFs and gangbangs.

Hence, such categories have become more and more famous over the past years.

In addition to the sexual reference and porn videos making the initials famous, “The Office”-series contributed to its popularity in the episode “Gettysburg”.

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