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What does DTF mean?

DTF is a common internet abbreviation, standing for “Down To Fuck”. It is most commonly used to indicate a person’s interest in a sexual intercourse, or being a fuck buddy for someone.

If you see this popping up late at night, congratulations, it’s a booty call!

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What's the origin of DTF?

The expression “down” signifying to be interested in something originates from the 50’s. So being down to fuck means, you’re in (in case someone is ever asking).

The phrase has been used in several hip hop songs already before the acronym has taken off. The abbreviation is most likely originating from the late 90’s or early 2000’s, the first entry on Urban Dictionary being made in 2002.

Like most shortenings, it was probably made as a result of texting and internet becoming more and more widespread.

Spread and Usage

How did DTF spread?

Dtf is mostly encountered on dating sites like Tinder, used by those, who are interested in one night stands. You may also see it in the conversation with that creepy dude, who’s always trying to smash.

Similar to hmu, the meaning of dtf has been interpreted in humorous way, such as down to fish, or down to forgive, as we may read in one of the Urban Dictionary definitions.

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