Dutch Oven

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What does Dutch Oven mean?

Dutch oven, while it originally refers to a certain type of casserole, or cooking pot, whose lid is tightly sealed, in the modern day context this meaning is but secondary.

If encountered in a conversation, chances are that “Dutch oven” refers to the act of covering a girl’s head with a blanket during a blowjob, sealing it tightly and farting, trapping her with the stench of your ass, while she is pleasing you.

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What's the origin of Dutch Oven?

The expression got its name from the fact, that the original “Dutch ovens”, found in the kitchen are tightly sealed, so that the heat may stay in the pot.

Similar to the casseroles, the blanket must also be tightly sealed in the performance of the “Dutch oven” so that no aroma gets wasted.

While it is hard to determine, when the practice was devised, it most likely originates from the 1990’s.

Spread and Usage

How did Dutch Oven spread?

The phenomenon of the “Dutch oven” started to truly take over as a joke subject in the early 2000’s, thanks to the numerous Urban Dictionary definitions written on the subject, to the great enjoyment of people.

“Dutch oven” is one of the firsts of the funny, weird and disgusting sexual practices, that are brought up, discussed and talked about in friend circles as a way of entertainment.

Urban Dictionary has definitions on the subject since at least 2003.

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