Eiffel tower sex position

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What does Eiffel tower sex position mean?

The idea behind this sex position is simple. It has to involve at least 3 participants otherwise it won’t work, but of course it can also pursue in a foursome if two people who are the “base” of the tower 69ing.

The person who forms the “base” of the tower can enjoy both of the participants. While being penetrated by one partner from behind, he or she can perform oral on the 3rd person.

The two outside partners who form the tower, in the midst of the sex, high-five while enjoying the sexual arousal.

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What's the origin of Eiffel tower sex position?

Because sex has been there since basically the beginning of human history, there were multiple sex manuals written by people for a guidance about sex and sex positions. For example, the very well-known Kama Sutra or Vatsyayana which were written between the 1st and the 6th centuries.

Now on the online site of Kama Sutra you can find entries about this sex position, but of course the name of it, and probably even the sex pose, was created a tiny bit later than the 1st century.

Spread and Usage

How did Eiffel tower sex position spread?

There are various articles and guidance on the internet about the “Eiffel tower sex position”.

For example, in the very famous and well-known women’s magazine, Cosmopolitan, you can find help on how to perform this sex act, and the definition of it as well.

Or on the site Betches where they wrote an article mentioning the sex position called “We Defined The 10 Sex Terms You’re Too Embarrassed To Look Up Yourself”

On Urban Dictionary the first entry was written about it in 2008.

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