Eskimo brothers

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What does Eskimo brothers mean?

Eskimo brothers is a term that refers to men who had sex with the same woman in a different point in their life.

Between friends it can be a friendly joke, but the term can also carry an offensive meaning with it.

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What's the origin of Eskimo brothers?

The term until one episode of the tv show The League wasn’t popular at all.

Jon LaJoie, who plays the character Taco, described the term to his friend in the bar — “when two guys had sex with the same girl” — and tells them how he can get favours from his fellow “Eskimo brothers”.

Google showed little to nothing of interest in the term until the 2009 November episode aired. It was technically The League’s creator, Jeff Schaffer’s creation.

Spread and Usage

How did Eskimo brothers spread?

Throughout the years, after that episode of the show The League, the term just got more and more popular, memes were shared, entries and subreddits were written, and it entered the mainstream media as well.

LaJoie also wrote a song and uploaded it to Youtube with the title “Eskimo Brothers”, in which he explains the term in more depth.

The popularity of the term led to articles on pop-culture and sport websites. has a list of celebrities who are “Eskimo Brothers” in real life, such as Leonardo Dicaprio and Ryan Reynolds, or Jonh F. Kennedy and Joe DiMaggio.

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