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What does Fapping mean?

Fapping is the verb of the world famous onomatopoetic term for masturbation; fap.

Fapping is used to imitate the sounds of masturbation, done by a male human specimen, while to imitate the sound of a female’s genitalia in action, people use the word “schlicking”.

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What's the origin of Fapping?

Mangas have used several onomatopoetic words to recreate the sound of masturbation on paper.

The earliest online case of the word fap can be found in one of the issues of the webcomic titled “Sexy Losers”.

Urban Dictionary had added definitions on “fap” and “fapping” already in 2003, which further pushed the term to turn into an internet sensation.

Spread and Usage

How did Fapping spread?

YTMND had tons upon tons of pages created, centered around the phenomenon, making the fapping experience bigger and bigger.

People consequently started to refer to masturbating as fapping, both daily and on the internet.

Memes had started to swarm the web, all revolving around the act of masturbating and the ingenious way it can be described.

In 2012, Machinima had assembled a top 10 list, titled “Top 10 Games to Fap To” featuring several video game titles, with more or less sexual content featured in it.

During the 2010’s fapping had spread further and embedded itself deeper into the dictionary of the new generations.

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